We the organization, need not and may not be an expert in everything and cannot be self reliant. Interdependency leads us to reach out to experts in the market, making the experts as our contractor or vendor. How to ensure support from the vendor for the success of the project? One of the best way when you depend on an outside source, share the project vision with the vendor, consider him as your valued partner. He will not just fulfill the contract, but for sure will go out of the way to support your project in his own area when he is treated as a valued partner. A respected vendor is going to perform at his best, ensuring the success of the project Instead of commanding “Do as I say”, collaborate to say “Let’s do it” Let the vendors feel that they are integral part of the team. Treat the vendors respectfully. Than a win lose collaboration letting the vendors bleed, let the deal be a win win collaboration by getting into a fair deal with fair terms and fair compensation A happy customer leads to more business A happy vendor leads to more successes

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