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To build the project scope, you collect the requirements from the various stakeholders , both internal and external. You may find out that your clients are unclear with what they want. Their expectation may be vague and hence difficult to build the project scope. Instead of rushing towards the execution of the project, spend time to understand the client and his requirements The best way is to probe the client. Ask the correct question, for correct answer. The correct question to start would be “What are they trying to accomplish and why they initiated this project”? Few examples, improve the productivity of the team, develop a new model car with fuel efficiency etc. The answer to this question leads to the next step. Clarity on what are we trying to accomplish or why we initiated the project leads to what we need to do. The scope has to be measurable. User friendly? to what extent, Improve productivity? To what level, Fuel efficiency? How much efficient and so on. To summarize, involve the stakeholders to define the scope, probe the clients to understand their needs and define measurable scope. Measurable scope increases the possibility of completing the scope, increases the probability of customer satisfaction leading to success of the project

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