Who are your stakeholders?

Stakeholders are those who have a stake or interest in the project or work. They can be an individual, a group of people or an organization. Stakeholders are those who will be impacted by the project or can influence the project. Can be negatively or positively impacted by the project or its outcome. It is very important to understand who stakeholders are. It is important to identify all your stakeholders. They are the driving force for your project. They provide the requirements, inputs and insights for your project. Above all, you require their support, cooperation and acceptance. Without them the success of the project is at stake. An unidentified stakeholder may pop up later and provide his requirement later which may be destructive to the project. With an example let us understand the broader perspective of who all can be stakeholders.

Taking the example of a metro construction, these are the stakeholders:

  • The State Government
  • The Central Government
  • Sponsor, it can be the World Bank or any other countries which may sponsor the project.
  • The contractors who have taken the construction agreement/contract
  • The sub contractors
  • The engineers, administrative officers and various official people including the laborers who are working for and in the project
  • The vendors who supply the components for the construction
  • The supply chain company who transports the required materials
  • The passengers who would be using the metro service
  • The people who are residing in that area, who may have to forego the land for the construction purpose. (Negatively impacted)
  • The public who cross that area where the construction work is going on. The public may not be able to use that area and have to find a different route to reach the same place.(Negatively impacted)

  • The public who reside near the area. They may not be allowed to do certain things in their building or land. Example., not allowed to construct 2nd floor or so, due to the railway construction(this was an experience shared by my student). (Negatively impacted)

  • Cabs like Ola , Uber etc whose customers would opt for the metro instead of cabs, once the metro is up and running. (Negatively impacted)

Now think of your own project/process. Who all are your stakeholders? Have you considered them in your project?

Success of your project counts on your stakeholders.

All the best!!!

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