How to keep employees enthusiastic?

You as a lead or manager must be wondering why the enthusiasm of your team is going down. It may not be the same as it was on the initial days when the team member joined your team or your organization. Pay is excellent and you are providing incentives, bonus, rewards and recognition but something is missing, just like missing a pinch of salt which adds taste to the dish. What is that? Dr David Sirota, an organizational researcher and consultant, conducted research on the ways of motivating employees. In his 2005 book, The Enthusiastic Employee, he concluded that the way to enthuse workers is to give them what they want. Sirota’s Three-Factor Theory of Human Motivation in the Workplace lists three factors, which together build enthusiasm and they are • Equity/Fairness • Achievement • Camaraderie On the face of the 3 factors, you can easily understand but to go little further Equity/Fairness Employees want to be treated fairly in comparison to one another. The concept of fairness and equity extends beyond just treating everyone the same but also treating your employees correctly as compared to basic human values. Employees are motivated by fair treatment, on the 3 basic factors physiological, economic, and psychological needs. • Physiological Need – To provide safe working condition and safety training. Establish a reasonable work/life balance • Economic Security – By paying a fair market wage – or a little beyond – your employees are more likely to feel as though they are respected. • Psychological Health – Creating an environment of respect by treating all staff similarly, regardless of the power and position. Use authority fairly and provide positive feedback and recognition. Pay attention to the team member and follow common courtesy.
Achievement There are employees who care about more than just their paycheck. Beyond the incentives as a additional pay it is also important to publicly praise productive employees so that they can feel good about their work while being complimented by others. Providing an enabling Work environment by following participative leadership style, delegate work and avoid micromanaging. Providing challenging job, enable them to use and enhance their skills and abilities. Use feedback, recognition, and reward effectively by communicating clear goals, Camaraderie – Develop a culture and atmosphere that promotes interaction. Provide your team a comfortable, positive, and supportive place to come to work. Organization’s culture is extremely important, as it will often determine how motivated individual employees are from day to day. A culture that supports and encourages cooperation, communication, friendliness, acceptance, and teamwork is critical for maintaining enthusiasm. Demonstrate empathy, consideration, and respect – and expect the same from every worker. Simple steps to make and retain your employee’s enthusiasm. All the very best!!!

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