The Golden circle vs Agile

The golden circle of starting with a Why, then on how to do and what to do for your why, is so much relevant for whatever we do. Though it has been projected as marketing strategy in the book ‘Start with a Why’ by Simon Sinek, I see that when we do anything with the ‘why I do’ in my mind… I am more dedicated towards the work and Success is a guaranteed one.
In Agile practice, it is always said Being Agile is the right way than just do agile. It is so in line with the Golden Circle.
Being Agile vs Doing Agile


During my corporate career, I witnessed usage of information radiators and daily standup meeting. I was not aware of agile and its concepts. When I was asked to maintain a dash board displayed at a common place and asked to do daily standup meeting. I did not understand the reason, I don’t know why, It was also done in a wrong way, The dash board had all sorts of information like customer appreciation, Quotation for the day etc., against the requirement of reflecting the status of the project. The daily standup meeting used to happen for even an hour discussing about challenges which includes food at the cafeteria , cab issues etc again the 3 golden questions. I did not understand what was asked to do as I don’t get the point and even my team was finding it as a time waste than a value add to the project. Embrace agile than force it. Instead, If there is a focus on why to do, and the how to do and then focus on what to do. Than doing agile we would have been agile and it would have been a success.

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