Mushroom Management

The management style in which the employees are not shared with the information about the organization and the happenings in the organization/management is called as Mushroom Management. The name ‘Mushroom management’ is borrowed from the stereotypical view of mushroom cultivation,
“Keep in the dark and periodically given a load of manure”.
In a project, the project manager may just be concerned about getting the work done and he may not understand the importance of enlightening the team members about the project. If the project manager follows Mushroom management of not sharing the information like the importance of the project, the status of the project or the impact of the failure or the success of the project, the team members are kept in dark. Keeping the team members in dark may have the below consequences
The team member doesn’t realize the importance of the project and the value of his contribution. Due to this, the team members are not motivated and may carry a lethargic attitude towards the project. He doesn’t understand the consequence of the mistakes/issues He will not discern the bigger picture and where he fits in it. On the contrary, if the project manager makes the team members, aware of the project details. The team members are well connected with the project He understands the importance and the consequences of any action which makes him alert about his actions He starts owning the project and it becomes his responsibility. He is motivated to do the best. In the practical work, the business analyst, business development manager understands the customer requirement, commits the deliverables and signs an agreement. Based on the statement of works/agreement, project is initiated and from here the project management takes over. There may be little or no pre-project work of understanding the opportunity and signing an initial To relate this management style in project management

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