Team Bonding

For the success of the project, the people involved in the project have to work as a team and not as a group. To help the people to bond as a team is when the team building activities becomes necessary.
Many organizations have periodic team building activities like games, fun events, (team building) activities, pot lunch, dinner, one day stay in a resort etc.
But, does this dictum really help to create team bonding? What cannot be built in the floor, in the work place, in the 8-10 hours job at the floor, can it be built during these explicit team building activities?
Don’t you think team bonding goes beyond the periodic team building activities?
Few tips to build team bondage:

  • Let them know what they are doing and why they are doing
  • Involve the team members in the planning and decision making process.
  • Respect the team member’s time to help them balance their work and personal life
  • Dinners can be better as lunches, not to take away the team member’s family time
  • Help them understand the value of their contribution to the project and to the organization.
  • Transparency on the status of their project.  This will help them to see where they are as a team and to drive things towards success
  • Motivate team members to appreciate each other’s support
  • Get to know your team members on their personal side and also share a bit about yourself.  This creates us than them.




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