Difficult to talk? Then write…

Brainstorming is an excellent tool to capture ideas or solutions for a problem. But as every tool has its limitation, brainstorming too has its limitation, like if the participants hesitate to speak out in a brainstorming session and it can be because of their confidence level on the language or fear of being judged. The other issue is being influenced by other people in the session. To address these issues, there is a solution and that is Brainwriting, Here, in a similar way, a question is posted to the group. Every individual would be provided a sheet of paper and they write their idea on the piece of paper, then the paper is passed on to the next person , the next person adds his idea on the piece of paper and likewise the papers gets circulated and gets updated multiple times. The ideas already on the paper triggers more ideas for the individuals. This technique is effective and quicker than brainstorming. Brainwriting has its own challenges; it is not suitable for people who are more comfortable speaking than writing.

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