Brainstorming, the right way

As leads or managers, you should have conducted brainstorming session at least once and sometimes found it being ineffective. Is the ineffectiveness due to the ineffectiveness of the Brainstorming as a technique itself or the methodology used in implementing the brainstorming session? Definitely it should be on the methodology we use. Shall we have a glance on the few do’s and don’ts in conducting Brainstorming session. Before that let us explore what is brainstorming.
Brainstorming is an idea generation creative technique to resolve a problem. Here you bring in people together, throw the question to them and then collect ideas to resolve the problem.
Who has to be brought together to generate ideas? To generate creative and diverse out of the box ideas, definitely, not like minded people but definitely diverse people. The diversity in terms of their experience, exposure and thought process helps to generate diverse ideas.
Create an atmosphere of trust and casual environment, where people are open to share their ideas and thought process without the fear of being judged.
If the session is going to be long, ensure to have frequent breaks to refresh their minds

During the session, do not judge anyone or any idea irrespective of it being the best or the worst idea. When you judge or comment, you are stopping or interrupting the flow of ideas. Probe people to come out of ideas Capture all the ideas and then at the next level, you can evaluate and freeze the ideas. Brainstorming is a team building activity and the best idea comes from the best people. They are the people who are going to execute the ideas hence no need to get the buy in as it is their own ideas. They feel empowered when involved in such team building activity instead of just a fun activity Let us use the right tool in the right way for the best result. All the very best!!!

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