How many times, you have built an automation process/tool and never it was used. How many times you have built a ERP tool but neither data was captured in it nor reports were generated. Can we say these projects which successfully built its automation tool or the ERP tool was a success? If not why? Its like operation was successful but the patient died. May be humorous but it’s the tragedy which is revolving around the Project Management world. Before even rolling your slevees and getting into action, understand what is the strategic goal. Link the project to the strategic goal. Let us take an example. What is the project all about? The outcome of the project is to build an automation process/tool. What is the purpose of the automation process/tool? To reduce manual intervention and reduce the effort by which to improve the quality by x% and improve the efficiency by y%. What is the goal of improvement of quality and efficiency? To increase the savings and reduce the expenditure of the particular function or department by z %. If your project doesn’t increase the savings and reduce the expenditure by z factor, then though you have successful built the automation process/tool, still the project is a failure. Time to think what are we exactly trying to achieve?

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