Confidence or Capability

I have a online PMP student who appeared dull and was not able to understand the basic concepts , I had to explain multiple times with simple examples . As the days went I found her voice reflecting confidence I mentioned to her that I can hear her confidence. She started to make tremendous progress in the way she was understanding the concepts and answering the questions in an excellent way. I would say that she is one of the brilliant students I have coached I heard from her that couple of years ago when she ventured to prepare for her PMP, a trainer has mentioned that this student of mine will not clear her PMP as she is not having the capability to understand the concepts. This made her stop her preparation and now she has grabbed her guts to restart her journey This experience with my student has reiterated that knowledge and capability is secondary, confidence is the primary thing. If you are confident, your capability to gain knowledge and skill increases manifold. Do not listen to anyone who questions your capability. Be confident to become capable!!!

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