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Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional certification


PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training will equip you to become an agile professional .


We help you to understand the work culture and the expectations from the organization .


Project managers work with the project team to plan and define the project scope.


Most of the project managers/leads run their project based on their own experiences


Concepts made Simple
The concepts are simplified in an understandable way based on the individual’s experience and exposure to the industry & domain. We go down or up to the level of the participant to make them understand in the simplest form.

Practical than theoretical
The concepts are explained with practical examples. We explain the concepts with scenario on how it is and how it is supposed to be for the project to be successful. When live examples are provided, the candidates are able to correlate with their work and are able to apply their learning in their workplace. Knowledge if not applicable is not of use, it has to be applicable to translate knowledge into skill.

We believe just the training would not be sufficient for the participants to gain their certification. We hold their hands in their journey, motivate them, clarify their doubts during their preparatory period, share knowledge and simulation questions on a regular basis

About Us


KalpaTharu Consulting is a project management specialist. We are passionate about simplifying things and making it more practical. We believe not just going with the concepts but how the concepts be made understandable and implementable. Empirical learning is our key learning approach.


In Hindu mythology, KalpaTharu means a wish-fulfilling tree. As symbolized by the name of our organization, we focus to be a solution provider to the individual and to the management requirements and issues.


Two hands emerging like a tree from the roots to provide solution. 7 leaves of the tree symbolizes our availability for all 7 days of the week. We are available to support you all the days of the year.

How we plan to add value?

We focus not only on training the professionals on the concepts but coach the professionals on understanding and implementation of the concepts in their workplace.


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Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base. It can be learning a new skill or expanding your current knowledge. It definitely requires investment of money and time but every returns requires investment. We as a training company understand your requirement and our training are focused on your need to ensure better ROI.

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Our Story

Who are we?

KalpaTharu Consulting is a management training specialist. We are passionate about simplifying things and making it more practical. We believe not just going with the concepts but also how the concepts be made understandable and implementable. Empirical learning is our key learning approach. We cater to the needs of the professionals across the domain and industries. Your ROI is guaranteed through our varied programs and services. Learning and building ones skill set is a continuous process and we have established ourselves to enable the continuous learning process.

Why are we the best?

We have experienced and also have seen that there is a need for continuous learning and improvement in our professional life. Learning should never be bookish but should be practical and implementable. This is where we thought of combining the concepts with the real world scenario and also make it simple and implementable.

What we have to provide?

We provide variety of management training to all levels of professionals, right from employability training who wants to enter into the work force from their college to the top level management covering all domains and all industries. Our core is project management training. We offer Project Management training, preparatory training for certifications like PMP, PMI-ACP. We also offer quality management training, stakeholder manager, risk management and so on. Having understood that there is always a gap between as is and the expectation, when one move from the current role to the next role, we also provide transition management coaching for professionals moving in as Leads, 1st level managers and so on…

Where are we located?

We are located in Chennai, India. We are not confined by borders. We provide classroom sessions as well online sessions crossing the borders and adding value to professionals around the globe.