Coronavirus (Covid-19) impact on Projects

It’s time for me too, to contribute something on Coronavirus, when everyone are speaking about it, providing tips to prevent and also the masks, soaps and hand washes are sold in lots. Would the project managers have anticipated the risk of a pandemic like corona? I have my own doubts. But can we take this as lessons learned and plan for our future projects. Yes. My recent discussion with a friend opened up on a situation in an organization. The organization’s main warehouse has been blown out in a recent tornado. Then, they planned to increase their production in other units in other countries but for that they had to import the raw materials and you guessed it right, had to import from China but due to corona the imports were stopped. Now the organization is stuck up. Instead of putting all the eggs in one basket that is have most of their raw materials in one warehouse, if the materials would have been equality distributed in all the warehouses, may be the impact could have been reduced. You are most welcome to provide your inputs on this particular scenario. Let us pray for Coronavirus (Covid-19) to vanish from this world and we come back to normalcy.

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