Secret Mantra to balance your workload


You may be a lead or a manager running around between too many things. You have limited time but lots to do. You are confused , which one to prioritize? which one to say ‘No’? Sometimes, you end up doing route tasks and unable to complete the tasks which require your special attention. Do you want to know the secret mantra to balance your workload? Here it is!!!
You can delegate your task to your subordinate whenever and wherever possible. This, enables you to focus better on important tasks which requires your special attention.
Eg., you have an excel report to be completed. You can delegate it to your subordinate who is good at MS-excel and you can focus on the strategies required to enhance or improve your process or project. The next question is whom to delegate? Will the subordinate be open or reluctant towards the task delegated to him/her? Have you heard of Maslow Theory? Abraham Maslow stated that there is a hierarchy of five needs within each individual. Your subordinate who falls under the bucket of ‘Esteem need’, is driven by his need for the feeling of achievement, wants to gain recognition, become competent. He would be the right person to delegate your task, who is ready to take up challenges and additional responsibilities.

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